The University of Texas' Liberal Arts Council tackles a large number of issues in a variety of ways. Among the many ways we solve problems is creating legislation to benefit COLA and the University at large. Policy Sub-Committee exists so that members can develop ideas, understand the policy process, and write legislation before submitting it to Council, other legislative bodies on campus, and administrators. Additionally, Policy Subcommittee is open to all, so everyone is welcome to come and to work on their ideas!


A Resolution in Support of Course Content Disclosures in Regards to Sexual Assault on Syllabi
Resolved: Course syllabi should disclose class days on which sensitive content in regards to sexual assault, as defined by the United States Supreme Court, is presented; therefore, be it that the following statement be provided for professors to be copied on to their, applicable, syllabi: “Sensitive content in regards to sexual assault will be presented on the following dates [.....]. Students will still be held responsible for the material presented on these dates and students will not be exempt from class attendance policies;” therefore, be it

Amending the Liberal Arts Council Constitution

ENACTED: That Article VII of the Liberal Arts Council Constitution be amended to better represent the current election practices and procedures of the Liberal Arts Council


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