The LAASO Program stands as a designation providing admitted student groups with the opportunity to receive higher tier funding from the College of Liberal Arts. Eligible organizations must strengthen the cultural, professional, and/or academic environment of the college and its students to earn and maintain the distinction. The resulting connections further the mission of a well-rounded liberal arts education that starts here and changes the world.

Apricity Magazine

Art is a core of human expression. Apricity’s aim is to expand the definition of art to include not just the visual arts but also the literary and performing arts by being an interruption, a spark, something that helps breathe life into the ideas of artists, no matter their discipline. In pursuit of this aim, we compete in competitions to elevate UT’s status in the national stage of competitive publications.

Humanities Student Council

The Humanities Student Council strives to promote community growth amongst Humanities majors and increase awareness of the program. HSC seeks to forage an integrated experience with other students dedicated to the flexible and individualized research in this program.

Liberal Arts Honors Diversity Action Committee

LAH Diversity Action Committee is dedicated to actively representing students of color in UT’s Liberal Arts Honors Program. The specific duties include providing a space for students of color within LAH to discuss their identity and related issues, to be a mentorship and support system for incoming LAH freshmen of color, to plan and host initiatives aimed at making LAH a more inclusive program, and to conduct outreach to high school students to increase retention and applications of diverse students to the LAH program.

Liberal Arts Refugee Alliance

The Liberal Arts Refugee Alliance connects students will Austin’s refugee and asylee communities by volunteering and raising public awareness about local, state, and global affairs.

Religious Studies Student Association

Religious Studies Student Association is an undergraduate organization, affiliated with the Department of Religious Studies, centered around the exploration of the academic approach to religion and of the practice of various religions from different perspectives. We serve the purpose of diversifying students’ understanding of different religions and encouraging a greater acceptance. People of all majors and backgrounds are welcome, and we encourage students of diverse religious and nonreligious beliefs to join.

The Texas Orator

The Texas Orator is a nonpartisan, peer-reviewed political publication that was founded and is maintained by University of Texas at Austin students. The publication values scholarly, thorough analysis in its articles and strives to protect the ideals of free speech and unhindered access to information on campus and nationwide. The Texas Orator seeks to keep the student body informed of the implications of ever-changing political climates, both domestically and abroad, from a range of voices and perspectives.

Texas Undergraduate Law Review

The mission of the Texas Undergraduate Law Review is to enrich the education of Texas undergraduate students by providing a forum to develop skills essential to legal scholarship. We seek to raise awareness of current legal issues, to encourage and facilitate academic discourse, and to upload the values of learning, discovery, leadership, academic integrity, and scholarly research.

International Relations and Global Studies Council

International Relations and Global Studies Council aims to support students of the IRG major in professional development, academic advancement, and social experience. Through peer and faculty engagement, IRGC seeks to enhance community and consolidate resources within IRG to best serve members of the major.

Women in Psychology

Women in Psychology strives to create a social and friendly community that supports and encourages the professional development and advancement of students in psychology.

Urban Studies Society

The Urban Studies Society is an interdisciplinary organization for students of all majors who share a common interest in urban issues, ranging from affordable housing and economic development to transportation and sustainability. We aim to enrich our members; classroom learning and on-campus community with biweekly meetings featuring local subject matter experts, visits to local sites of interest, service opportunities, and social events.


Applications will be reviewed by the Liberal Arts Council on a rolling admission format throughout the academic year. To apply, please complete the application on this page and send to College Ambassador at and Administrative Director Peyton Cabaniss at If you have any questions about becoming a LAASO, send us an email, or come to one of our General Assembly meetings to find out what we're all about. 


Increased Funding

  • Apply for funding through Liberal Arts Council’s LAASO Fund

  • The LAASO Funding Policy can be found here

  • The LAASO Funding Application can be found here

Input on Legislation

  • Opportunity to vote on legislation during the Liberal Arts Council’s General Assembly

  • Support from Liberal Arts Council’s to write legislation pertinent to your organization’s goals and purpose

Supplementary Resources

  • Priority status when reserving the RLP Dies Student Center’s Wagner Student Workroom

  • Partnership with and support from members of Liberal Arts Council when planning events

  • LAASOs will be listed on the Liberal Arts Council website